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for the Danish Terms and Conditions, click here.


Coolrunner is owned and driven by

Coolrunner ApS 36721146
Bøgildsmindevej 3
9400 Nørresundby


This is the valid terms of the time of this deal. The latest version, which is always the applicable one on new shipments, can be found on or can be stated when contacting the costumer service.


§ 1 - Order

Coolrunner is open for business 24 hours a day, and thereby you can shop at almost any time. It may happen that the shop is closed due to maintenance. You can only create purchases when the shop is open and available for business.

To shop at Coolrunner you must have turned 18 years of age and you must be in possession of a valid payment card, which we accept. If you have not turned 18, you still have the opportunity to shop at Coolrunner, if you have obtained your guardian’s accept or otherwise have legally right to make purchases.


§ 2 -Acknowledgment of the receipt order and confirmation of the order

When you have placed an order at Coolrunner, you will receive an acknowledgment confirming the receipt of your order.


§ 3 - 14-days right to withdraw

When mentioning the word shipping, it should be understood as, Coolrunner is delivering a service. In regards to the Sale of Goods Act, your right to cancel a shipment will be withdrawn, on this type of product as soon as the order is completed and paid, because the delivery of the service takes place shortly after. Thereby, Coolrunner cannot give any form of right to cancel a shipment after the order is completed.


§ 4 - Privacy and personal data

To shop at Coolrunner you must, as a minimum state the following:

  • Name

  • Address

  • E-mail address

  • Phone number

The specifics will be saved with the information on the product to which you have bought. It will be saved for 5 years, from the end of the year. This is in relation to the bookkeeping law §10. After this period, the information will be deleted.

When you create a login, your personal data and order information will be saved. It will not be deleted automatically.


This information will not be passed on or sold to third parties, unless it happens in connection with a restructuring or a whole- or part sale of the company. A potential passing on of the information will in this situation happen in agreement with The Act on Processing of Personal Data.


§ 5 - Cookies

By using Coolrunner, you accept that we use cookies. A cookie is a small data file, which we put on your computer to keep track on what happens during your visit on our website, and to recognize your computer. A cookie is not a program and it does not contain a virus.


§ 6 - Choice of law and venue

The purchase of delivery is subject to Danish court. The ordinary Danish court will settle any dispute.


§ 7 - Responsibility

7.1. Coolrunner is with the following limitations responsible for loss or damaging of goods, that happens as a result of an event, which has happened in a time where CoolRunner has had the goods in their care.


7.2. CoolRunner is with the following limitations responsible for damage that is caused by delaying of goods.


7.3. In accordance with paragraph 1.1 and 1.2 CoolRunner is not responsible for loss, damage or delaying of goods, which is caused by mistakes, actions such as a failure from the costumer. A failure made by the costumer will e.g. include incorrect declaration of cargo, wrong or insufficient packaging, protection, marking or addressing of the shipment. Moreover CoolRunner is not responsible for loss or damage, which is causes by errors - Actions as well as omissions – from the recipient or from others with interest in the delivery.


7.4. In accordance paragraph 1.1 CoolRunner is not responsible, if the loss or the damage is caused by the goods own nature or there is a mistake in the goods. Neither is CoolRunner responsible for loss, damage or delay, if CoolRunner has taken the necessary precautions to avoid damage or that this has not been possible. CoolRunner is thereby not responsible for loss or delays that e.g. is caused by force majeure conditions, natural disasters, weather conditions, mechanical delays, war, strike, actions or omissions from public agencies with actual or apparent authority.


7.5. Coolrunner’s responsibly is limited as carrier according to the Warszawa convention, where transport is carried out by air transport, and according to the CMR- law when transporting by road.



§ 8 - Transport conditions

8.1. Shipments must be able to be stacked and it must be able to stand up and handle pressure, bumps and shaking. The packaging should be suitable and sustainable for transport. The goods should comply with the existing law on weight and dimensions on the chosen product. It is the costumer’s responsibility, that the packaging does not change dimensions, and increase in weight.


8.2. The value of the shipment must not exceed an amount in local monetary standard, which correspond to 5.000 USD. Moreover the value of jewelry and watches in one package, except for fake jewelry and fake watches, must not exceed an amount in local monetary standard, which correspond to 500 USD.


8.3. Shipments cannot contain any illegal products, not limited to products of exceptional value (e.g. artworks, antiquities, gems, stamps, unique items, gold or silver), money or transferable securities (e.g. checks, obligations, instrument of debt, passbooks, prepaid credit cards, share certificates or other transferable securities), firearms and dangerous goods.


8.4. Shipments cannot include products that expose human, animals or the means of transportation to danger. It may never soil or damage any items, which is transported by CoolRunner, or items that according to current law, cannot be transported, exported or imported.


8.5. The costumer is responsible for the information in the consignment note being correct and complete, to insure that all packages contain sufficient information about sender and receiver of the package, and that the package is wrapped up, marked and labeled, that the content is described and classified and accompanied by that documentation.


8.6. Packages wrapped up in glass and packages with liquid content should also have an inner packaging, which protect the goods from outer exposure and absorb and prevent leakage from the goods. Unless the goods are sent in an outer packaging that are suitable for transporting.


8.7. Shipments cannot contain animals or insects.


8.8. In case the stated dimensions and weight does not keep, there can occur a correction invoice with a money claim.



§ 9 - Complaint

9.1. In case that the costumer or recipient experience that the goods are damaged or lost, an email about this must be sent to CoolRunner immediately after the damage is discovered and no later than 7 days after. If Coolrunner does not receive the letter within the time frame, any demand against CoolRunner will be dropped.

9.2. The reimbursement money is calculated based on the purchase price on the receipt / invoice.


9.3. If the goods are delivered without any disclaims from the costumer/recipient, it is presumed that the goods have been delivered in good condition. For CoolRunner to be able to handle a claim for compensation, the content and the original packaging must be available to CoolRunner, so that they can perform further inspections, therefore the costumer/recipient should keep this material until the goods have been checked.


9.4. The same insurance terms as the chosen provider normally provides also apply. This means that DAO356 packages e.g. is insured with up to 1.000 Danish Kr. and CoolRunner will not cover any remaining amount of the claim.


If a package is delayed, no compensation will be granted


  • Compensation type for CoolEurope Parcel, Tracked Mail and RYP

  • CoolEurope Parcel; €8.33 per kilo up to a maximum of €150. If this exceeds the maximum of €150, then 50% of the invoice's value is compensated.

  • Registered Parcel: 50% of the invoice with a maximum of €46.

  • Return Your Parcel: 50% of the invoice with a maximum of €10.

  • Tracked Mail: No compensation for Tracked Mail.


9.5. It is not able to obtain any compensation without a receipt/invoice from lost/destroyed package. This includes e.g. presents, trades and cash settlement without receipt.


§ 10 - Examination of goods

A shipment can at any time; either requested by CoolRunner or local authorities, be opened and examined closer.


§ 11 - Payment

11.1. If Coolrunner is instructed to pay taxes, duties or costumes duties on behalf of the sender, recipient or others, and if CoolRunner cannot by request, recover that amount of money from the person concerned, the money has to be paid by the sender after request. This is also the case when invoicing a third party, and the third party does not pay possible fees, in which they are required to pay.


11.2. Local fees from sender- or recipient country can in some cases occur and they are not covered by the transport price.

11.3. Transports conducted on a special account number assigned to the costumer, is the costumer’s responsibility and makes the costumer therefore liable for the expenses associated with the transport.


11.4. If the costumer does not keep to the written terms of payment, CoolRunner has the right to stop the cooperation immediately.


§ 12 - Automatic card payment

12.1. It is possible to assign your payment card to automatic card transactions under your personal account on The invoiced amount of money will then automatically be drawn from the registered card, without having to enter all the card information for each purchase. Besides that, the trade takes place under the same terms as usual.


12.2. It is at any time possible to change your payment information under your account settings. The registered card can easily be removed and a new card can be added.


12.3. With wish to end/terminate the automatic card payment, this can always be done under account settings, by the registered card.